There are over 3000 registered cults that use the Bible to justify their claim to "absolute truth." Since their exegesis is flawed and translations altered, many of our Christian brothers and sisters (that includes us Catholic Christians) try to rescue victims with biblical refutations of cult doctrines. But, as right (or as righteous) as they may be, as educated or as credible as they may be, they fail in a majority of cases. Why? They forget (or are blind to the fact) that cult victims are under a powerful form of social-psychological "mind control." In this state cult victims don't operate like normal, logical human beings. (The state that made them susceptible to cult influence wasn't normal or logical either.) Until they can, logical arguments just won't work, no matter how well formulated or presented they may be, no matter how credible or credentialed their presenter.

To win the battle and save cult victims, we can't merely be good at debate (or apologetics), we have to be good at psychology as well.

It's the mission of Good Catholic Information to make the interested better at both.

Our goal is to help you rescue minds and souls, not simply win arguments or debates.

Since Roman Catholics are the largest target (and since non-practicing Catholics far outnumber any other Christian denomination) we lose thousands to cults every year. This is not some academic statistic. Far too many of us have lost a loved one or a friend to the Moonies, Jehovah's Witnesses, Boston Church of Christ or groups far more radical. Far too many of us are living in cold war relationships or a family state of religious detente, with seemingly little empathy from others or hope for resolution.

In the the pages follow, we, at GCI, will help provide the strategies you need to win the the war against cults, the tactics you need to win key battles, and the counsel and support you may need to survive. Information, understanding, practice and timing are key, so is your faith in God, hope for success and charitable Christian implementation.


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